We can carry out annual / Bi-annual 110% & 125% overload / load tests at your place of work for Cranes (including lorry mounted cranes) and pretty much anything else you can think of that may need testing under load.

Proof Load Testing of Lifting Equipment

A Proof load test is designed to ensure that items of lifting equipment can perform to the required standard in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance, by giving it a full strength test. Proof load tests are often needed in addition to the statutory requirements, e.g. LOLER regulations.

When is Proof Load Testing Required?

A proof load test is required on installation of any lifting equipment before the item is brought into service.

It is also carried out alongside LOLER Inspections at a frequency determined by a competent person. An example being a 4 yearly 125% overload test on a lorry mounted crane.

There may be other times in the equipment’s life where a proof test is required, e.g.following a weld repair to a structural member after a complete overhaul or following an incident

Periodic testing may be specified in some British standards, e.g. BS7121, (applicable to lorry loader cranes)


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